What we do

In order to achieve our goal of economic development and equality for women and youth, The Purple Planet’s thematic areas are as follows: • Personal Development In this program, we endeavor to help the youth and women to know themselves and increase their self-worth. We also help them with mental health to handle issues that arise in life or in the course of their engaging in enterprise. We motivate them and give them practical skills on how they can solve life problems ranging from social, economic and emotional. Purple Planet believes the first investment to a truly thriving economy and nation is emotional or mental. The changing times come with different psychological issues which need to be addressed in order for the women and the youth to harness their fullest potential. • Talent and Career Guidance In this program, we offer career guidance to women and the youth to identify areas of their giftings and how they can make such gifts work to create employment for them and others. We believe, in order to make any meaningful impact in the world, one has to know themselves and comprehend what they are very good at. We believe every youth and woman has potential inherent in them and when called out, it can be used to generate income and aid economic empowerment for them and the community at large. We also emphasize on self-awareness to get away from over reliance on streamline employment in order to curb the high rates of unemployment in the society and instead go for job creation. • Entrepreneurship and Business Development Here, we provide our mentees with technical and professional support to help grow their enterprise to highest level. We also carry out events and seminars where the women and youth are trained on various issues related to enterprise which also serves as an avenue for these women and youth entrepreneurs to also show case their business and products. It also gives them and opportunity to network and build on each other´s success. • Financial Literacy and Development Through seminars and trainings as well as referrals, we empower women and the youth with literacy skills on how to manage their finances and opportunities available for them to invest in for great returns in order to empower them economically. • Leadership Purple Planet it is pointless to empower anyone if they are not first trained on how to lead themselves, their finances, social life etc. In this program, therefore, we train the youth and women on how to lead themselves, others and their enterprise and talents in order to make economic impact. Every great enterprise is a result of leadership acumen on the part of the person driving it and we believe continuous and sustainable economic empowerment is a function of able leadership. Therefore, we endeavor to make great leaders out of every woman and youth who go through our programs.