About Us

As it is commonly and widely said, “if you want to change a society, empower its women and if you want long lasting impact, empower its youth”. The United nations in 2015, established gender equality as one of the Sustainable Development Goals to be met by its member states by 2030. Purple Planet was established and incorporated under the laws of the United republic of Tanzania in 2017 with the aim of meeting this need and helping to further this course.

Since its inception in 2017, Purple Planet has focused itself fully to women economic empowerment, women rights advocacy and women socio-cultural development which have gone a long way to aid the government and the United Nations at large in fulfilling gender equality as highlighted by the United Nations. Further to this end, Purple Planet has also incorporated the youth in its programs after intensive engagement with society for years and seeing that this group has been marginalized as well but a group with tremendous potential once tapped could lead to greater economic growth and sustenance as well enhance societal empowerment.

Purple Planet, through its robust training programs, works directly with women at all levels of the society. The programs are aimed at giving leadership, self-development and business skills to empower them to first of all identify their giftings and talents and secondly how they can monetize their skills, talents and giftings and how to grow and sustain their enterprise. The trainings are held through various platforms including online and physical classes.

Apart from the trainings offered by professionals, Purple Planet also gives the women under their programs mentors who help them directly with their business to ensure the businesses they open not only grow but are sustainable in the long run. This is what has made purple Planet have a lasting impact on the women it has empowered over the years.

Purple Planet works closely with the government of Tanzania and other development partners with a strict accountability, credibility and integrity policy to ensure funds donated go to the rightful beneficiaries.

We believe women play an integral part in any society and their empowerment is paramount and needful for the growth and sustenance of any meaningful society.

With a highly professional team, Purple planet has made long lasting impact on the lives of more than 2,500 (Two Thousand and Five hundred) women both in Dar es Salaam and the rural areas of Tanzania. We believe, with such a robust and professional team, we will not only empower the women and youth in Tanzania but globally as well.

We look forward to work with like-minded Global friends to empower the world through empowering women and the youth for sustainable economic growth.